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Core Values
* Quality and Consistency
* The health and safety of both out volunteers and members is our highest and foremost priority.
* The needs and concerns of both our members and vendors.
* Providing our members with excellent service and unforgettable experience from dialing the phone to gift. 


* To continuously expand our services to become available to every Certified CA Medical Cannabis Patient.

About Us
Budeze is compliant with CA Prop: 215, SB 420 Section 11362.5 and 11362.7 of HSC All Patients must be verified prior to placing an order and current California doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana, are over the age of 18 and are a current California resident and minimum $25 donation for delivery!

FTP donors receiving a gram plus a free gift!

Thank you for choosing Budeze DELIVERY for all your medication needs! $5 Wax Hits ask your provider for details!

We're here offering a median for both vendors and members benefit by providing quality product and service. We're open to expanding our selection by offering vendors great deals as well as our members. New Delivery Service bringing Down the Hill up To You! Serving Barstow, Lynwood. Daggett, Hinkley and Yermo Areas Min $35 order. Newberry minimum $80 order.

All of our products are grown using best practices and we encourage everyone to recognize the importance of consuming naturally grown farm goods to reduce the consumption of harmful and often unnecessary chemicals that can poison our bodies as well as the environment.

Senior citizens ask about our discounts for members over the age of 65. As new developments of the benefits that cannabis can offer become known to our senior citizens we’re here ready to supply them with an exceptional line of fresh cannabis products tastefully delivered right to their home.

We make efforts towards keeping our members aware and informed regarding the changing legal state of this industry, news and updates in Patient Resources and via our unique, private Secure Messaging System. We encourage your feedback and general participation during this process. Watch Us Flower!