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  • Take Picture of State ID
  • Take Picture or Doctor's Recommendation
  • Include Product, Quantity and any extra instructions.

Get Verified with Bud-eZe

The following option are ways for you to get verified with Bud-eZe and it only takes a few minutes.

    1. You can fill out the form above and submit it.
    2. Using your cell phone take a picture of your CA Recommendation & CA Drivers Licences/ I.D. and text it along with your delivery address to our email address
    3. Print our Membership Agreement and fill it out. Have it ready when you get your delivery for a pre-roll. Thank You.
  1. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your electronic devices or with our web page please call us at (760) 651-2839 ext 1 and one of BUD-eZe’s volunteers will assist you with your verification.

Once a BUD-eZe Volunteer has verified your information they will contact you.

New Patients need to sign up at least 30 min - 1 hour prior to business close.

Thank You,
Bud-eZe Management